Monday, June 4, 2012

Amor, Esparanza, y Yuyani

So, here I am sitting at a desk in Quito, Ecuador after a days worth of teaching math and playing with some of the most beautiful children I have ever met! Its hard not to see God here. Whether it has been through a hug from Argenis (mi nino favorito¨.), the smiles on the market peoples´ faces, experiencing the ecuator, or the friends I am making while being here. He. Is. Everywhere! It is so amazing. Here are just a few of my favorite things thus far¡ I know you should never pick favorites as a camp counselor, as a teacher, etc. BUT.. I always tend to pick a few favorites. That does NOT mean I do not love all of the children becuase I can honestly say there is not one of those kids who does not have a place in my heart. With that being said my ¨favorites¨ so far have been, Argenis who is a 2nd grader who hugs me as much as he possibly can. He is so great. Today he said ¨Josh es mio¨ it was pretty stinking adorable. Then there is Jesus who is a nine year old 5th grader! He is probably the cutest kid here in Quito. The other night he came with us to get hamburguesas, and he sat with me. The whole way there we were in a guerra con los taxis! (we were in a war with the taxis). The the entire bus ride was spent shooting when taxis drove by, and let me tell you, there are a lot of taxis here in Quito. I think my favorite part was when we would throw las bombas (bombs of course) and count down their explosion. After the explosion occurred he would look at me and say esta bien amigo (are you okay friend) it was a blast, no pun intended. I have also had a great time with Danny, Matteo, Alexander, Belen, Julacy (who I swear hates me). The kids are just so cute, sweet, loving, and Godly. Its awesome. I hope they are getting as much from me as I am from them. Because I am getting A LOT. I also love that I got the chance to visit el mercado (the market). I got the chance to buy some pretty awesome stuff. Thats not really what I loved though. I loved seeing the smiles on people´s faces as I walked through. The merchants were smiling everytime they attempted to sell you their items, for the right price of course. I just loved it. I know that a lot of the people there are poorer people, but they were not poor in joy that is for sure. I also got the opportunity to barder for the first time EVER. That was quite the experience. I did a lot better than I had expected to do. I bardered down quite a few prices, but I felt bad doing it most of the time so I only did it a few times. So, I didn´t get as much stuff as I wanted, but the people seemed happy so I was too. I loved seeing God at the market it was beautiful. We went to the ecuator yesterday, and that was an impressive sight and interesting as well. It was such a pretty place to be! There was art, nature, native casas (houses) and all kinds of people. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen, right up there with the Smoky Mountains. While we were there we had the opportunity to see how BIG God truly is. Listen to this. We stood exactly where the ecuator lies. We had a tub full of water and pulled the plug. The water came straight out. It didn´t spin in any direction what so ever. We then moved it to the northern hemisphere and drained the tub and the water spun counter clockwise and then in the southern hemisphere clock wise. These spots were literally 15 feet from one another yet the effect of the hemispheres were strongly evident. AMAZING. It also effected your strength, balance, and wieght! WHAT. It is so hard to not belive there is a God when you see things like that. ALSO on the topic of God being big my plane ride was an amazing first plane ride. Again seeing the Earth from so high up its just so difficult to not think God is real and that He controls SO MUCH. The team I am working with is the BEST. They really know how to love. I feel like we have all been friends for years. And it has only been a few days if that says anything about how big their hearts are. It helps make working all day and coming home to their laughter that much better. I don´t really know how to describe them, but there have been so many surprises on how great and how funny some people are. I love being proved wrong about how I think people are. I feel like its a joke God plays on me. Its like he is saying yea I will show you what that person´s heart really looks like and then when I see it and see that I was completely wrong He gets a good chuckle. I love it. Like I said so far this place is amazing. I love being a part of this team. I pray Lord that I am making a difference with Your help. I know You are making a difference in me and I thank you so MUCH for that. You are truly amazing and I thank you for all of the many blessing I have recieved. I pray that all of you see how amazing God is through my experience as well. Hope you enjoyed hearing a little about Ecudor. Much Love.

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