Sunday, April 29, 2012

So. Much! But I think I love it..

Okay so here is the deal. I am NOT a blogger. This isn't what I do and I probably am not very good at it. I tend to try to blog and then when I get to the end of what I have to say I feel great and I say well that was nice and delete it. I just don't tend to see a reason to post what I have written, because in my head I wrote it for myself and if I feel good after writing it well.. mission accomplished. Right? So essentially what I am saying is, I you all don't ever get to see this blog I'm sorry, but not really because I probably feel good about it anyway.

Here's the deal though. I have about a million things going on right now. Honestly I shouldn't even be typing this blog I should be reading an article on an experiment done to see if sad music affects your mood without cues. BUT I am also determined to get this whole blogging successfully thing accomplished as well so here we are. Like I was saying though, millions of things going on. As of right now I have less than a month of school left. I am sitting pretty on straight A's which I am happy with, but also terrified about because I can't get a B... and what happens if I do? (I am pretty convinced the world will stop turning... seriously). I am kind of a perfectionist about a lot of things so this whole straight A thing is important to me. So I have that. I am also finishing my first year of being an RA. Exciting I know. But in all honesty I have loved every minute of it this year (well not every minute of it but that's how the saying goes right?). Its been great to minister to people in a different way and that's what being an RA has been this year. On top of finishing my first year of being an RA I am transitioning into my new job for next year as the Vice President of Campus Organizations. I will be in charge of all the different organizations around campus making sure they budget right and make the campus a happier place to live! Its going to be great and I am super excited for it. It will be great and super stressful especially since its already creating stress in my life. I am trying to look past the stress though because honestly I love being involved and this is a great way to be. Next item, Ecuador!! Okay I am so very excited for this trip. I get to spend two weeks loving on some amazing kids. I don't know any better way to spend a part of my summer. Honestly.. Its been a real pain in the butt getting the money for the trip though. You would be amazed how few people actually care enough about missions to help send people. Its really kind of sad. With that being said I am almost at the amount I need to go and God has truly provided for me. Its pretty beautiful to see Him at work. Those are some of the big things going on right now. On top of all of that I have: A poster (like a legit experimental poster) due, my honors thesis, the GRE, Psi Chi, Applications, move out day, graduation, summer planning, and so much else going on. It is a busy month. Like I said.

I didn't mention Track yet.. because I wanted to give it its own section. I officially have three meets left until my senior and final season.. Its so crazy. I know track is a part of the business, but I love it so much that most of the time I don't even notice. The other night I was thinking about how people's eyes look when they are doing something they love. They tend to become more colorful and brighter when they talk about or do what they love. Its amazing really because you can really see it happen. I thought about what I love to do. I love missions, kids, and running. I have been told that when I talk about missions and helping people my eyes light up and there is a smile on my face that no one can take away. When I play with kids I am nothing but smiles as well. When I run though.. Its different. I am normally in tons of pain. Especially when I race its like pain central. However, whats going on inside me is pure joy. So, I supposed if you look past the pain on my face and look deep into my eyes while I am racing you will probably see a bright blue that could light the world. I just love it so much right now.

So I mentioned I was stressed. BUT please don't get me wrong. I love this life I am living. Its so exciting. Every one of these stress providers is making me stronger and preparing me. And to me thats so exciting to know. Lord I don't know what my plans are, excuse me YOUR plans. But I am so very excited with what You have presented thus far and I plan to take advantage of what I have been given and grow and love and live for you. So thanks. I am busy beyond belief and I LOVE it.

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